Meet Anna Banana-Directer/teacher

Philadelphia Music for Aardvarks!

Anna Banana's parents played classical music against her mother's pregnant belly while she was in utero. She began performing at the young age of 3 while enrolled in a modern dance class for young children. Throughout elementary school she continued dance lessons, choir singing, and began acting in leading roles in school plays. She learned a few chords on the guitar at age 8, and started recording original songs usinging her casio keyboard and a boombox. She continued acting in leading roles throughout middle and high school and attended theater programs including the Governor's Institute for the Gifted and Talented.
She studied art history and the humanities at Bard College, (where she also accidentally found herself in a bit role in an independent film by a critically acclaimed filmaker)

After graduation, Anna pursued a career in the art and design world in New York City working with renowned visual artists, designers and architects by day while continuing her musical passions playing in rock bands at night, (including a band signed to Sony and an experimental noise rock band). One fateful day in NYC she auditioned for David Weinstone's Music for Aardvarks live touring band, joining as his bass player/back-up singer. Playing shows at several venues in New York and beyond with the Music for Aardvarks band for many years thereafter, she has devoted her musical career to children's music ever since!

In 2010 Anna Banana wrote and produced her own children’s album and founded the musical group the Anna Banana Band, which was cited in Mommy Poppins as "One of the Top 5 Big Apple Bands for Kids and Families". Her band has played numerous libraries, schools, birthday parties and festivals (including the Ann Arbor Summer Music Festival which featured Al Green and Bonnie Raitt). Anna Banana's album is included in the collections of libraries across the nation, including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and her music has been featured on radio, the New York Times, and Time Out New York Kids as a Critic's Pick. Anna Banana is a featured artist of Daisy Rock Guitars. She is excited to be sharing the Music for Aardvarks program with the families of Philadelphia!

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